Exploring the Future of PR with AI at PR-Paid Forward 2024

Kaitlyn Kelley, Project Coordinator

This week, I had the opportunity to explore the future of PR at the FPRA PR-Paid Forward event hosted at Rollins College. The event aimed to support the Orlando community by pairing local public relations practitioners with non-profits for pro bono communications advice.

Before meeting with our assigned non-profits, we had the pleasure of hearing from Rebecca Emery about her research on AI technology. Her presentation was thorough and insightful, breaking down complex concepts like machine learning and neural networks. Thanks to Emery's guidance, I left feeling informed and more at ease with AI technology.

We learned critical insights about the top chatbots making waves in the industry. From ChatGPT to Microsoft Copilot, each AI assistant offers unique strengths and weaknesses that can aid in PR tasks, like generating social media content, summarizing documents, or preparing for media interviews. Emery's insights helped us understand how to choose the right AI to meet our specific needs.

It was rewarding to see how sharing this knowledge benefited my paired non-profit, giving them the tools to tackle tasks with AI that they might not have time for otherwise. I also had the opportunity to demonstrate using Chatbots, making the process less intimidating and more accessible. 

Emery highlighted the importance of using AI ethically. Her reminders encouraged us to be aware of issues like biased algorithms and to prioritize transparency in our AI practices. As PR professionals, it's not just about embracing AI—it's about doing so responsibly and safely, and being honest with our clients if we choose to use it.

PR Paid Forward 2024 offered a glimpse into the future of PR in our community, highlighting how AI tools can be a game changer for non-profit communication efforts. As we enter this new era in PR, let's embrace this technology with caution so that AI serves as a positive force in our constantly changing media landscape.

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