Elevated a national leader in critical incident mapping by generating awareness of a statewide initiative to improve Florida’s public school emergency response systems

Services Provided

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Action Plan

  • Generate earned media to position Critical Response Group as a trusted partner and expert in critical incident mapping of schools across Florida  
  • Secure third-party support from school districts and law enforcement in Florida that received grant funding
  • Showcase how Florida school districts used the funds to improve their campus emergency response protocol with Critical Response Group’s solutions


  • Within 90 days, secured 13 statewide and local news story placements raising awareness of the grant funding opportunity, and elevating Critical Response Group’s role and expertise in critical incident mapping
  • Secured local news coverage in key markets – Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Panhandle – highlighting Critical Response Group’s work to improve first responder’s emergency response to schools
  • Coverage generated awareness of Critical Response Group in school districts and public safety agencies across the state and helped the company facilitate new partnerships to improve emergency response

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