Helping diversify the sport of surfing while bringing attention to ANACT, a Florida-based startup, working to disrupt the textile industry with sustainable products made out of hemp and organic materials

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Action Plan

  • Execute a media relations campaign to generate national news coverage about an ANACT and SurfearNEGRA fundraising partnership to send black girls to surf camps across the country
  • Position ANACT as a socially-conscious company in the hemp textile industry 
  • Raise the profile of SurfearNEGRA, a nonprofit focused on bringing cultural & gender diversity to the sport of surf  


  • Generated 17 positive news stories raised the profile of the founders of Anact and SurfearNegra, as well as their cause to national audiences 
  • Coverage garnered more than 130 million impressions with stories featured in national and Florida-based media outlets, including, the Florida Today, Surfer Magazine, an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, and social media posts by USA Surfing — total publicity value was more than $1.7 million

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