Spread hope and propelled rebuilding after a Category-5 hurricane devastated Mexico Beach, a coastal community in North Florida

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Action Plan

  • Proactively communicate City needs, updates and relief services on behalf of Mexico Beach and the Bay County Emergency Operations Center 
  • Work closely with City officials to develop and disseminate information via print and digital materials to media with broad reach to stakeholders, policy makers and relief organizations across Florida and the nation
  • Position the City of Mexico Beach Facebook page as a credible source of post-storm information by posting disaster and recovery resources, breaking news, and responding to messages from storm victims
  • Organized a Resiliency Summit to bring state and national resources to business and community leaders in the 12 counties affected by the Category-5 hurricane


  • The City of Mexico Beach won praise for its leadership after the storm and during the recovery by state and federal officials, but more importantly, by local citizens and property owners
  • Ongoing posts and updates on the City’s Facebook page in the days after the storm increased engagement and attracted more than 8,000 new followers  
  • From October 2018 to January 2019, the Facebook posts earned more than 4 million impressions, 216,000 video views, and nearly 400,000 engaged users 
  • Local leaders and citizens united and worked together to secure federal funds to build back better

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