Guiding Miami-Dade County’s efforts to secure public comment and consensus, from a diverse cross-section of the community, on potential sea-level rise adaptation scenarios caused by climate change

Services Provided

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Action Plan

  • Develop high-level, understandable materials to educate community stakeholders on potential adaptation scenarios, the benefits, trade-offs and costs
  • Identify and recruit influencers to participate in public engagement activities, provide feedback, and show support for solutions
  • Generate news about the initiative
  • Leverage the County’s communications channels, as well as existing public events and activities to reach and interact with residents and stakeholders not previously involved in climate change initiatives in Miami-Dade
  • Produce a comprehensive report outlining the adaptation scenarios and public feedback to establish a baseline for future engagements and discussions about sea-level rise and climate change in Miami-Dade


  • The different approaches for incrementally adapting for an expected two-feet of sea level rise by 2060 was presented at public engagement events through visual, written, digital, and audio formats to educate diverse audiences, including children 
  • Public and private organizations hosted and/or collaborated with Miami-Dade County on 12 public engagement events that gave residents — including those living in the zip codes most vulnerable to sea-level rise — an opportunity to explore and provide feedback on the scenarios 
  • Information about the public engagement events, adaptation scenarios, and neighborhood surveys was disseminated through the news media, community organizations, stakeholders and Miami-Dade’s multimedia channels 
  • Data gathered from the public engagement activities and surveys are included in a new report about the Miami-Dade’s sea-level rise strategy that will be updated on a periodic basis
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