Educate and engage women about the importance of early detection screenings for breast and cervical cancer.

Services Provided

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Action Plan

  • Conduct focus groups with regional Early Detection program providers and distribute an online statewide survey of women in Florida between the ages of 50-64 who delayed screenings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Leverage research findings to produce campaign themes and messaging for marketing materials, videos and advertisements to educate and engage multicultural and diverse audiences about early detection across Florida.
  • Implement a statewide paid media campaign that educates and prompts women to visit the FDOH Early Detection website to find a local provider and schedule a mammogram or cervical exam.


  • Delivered a comprehensive research report that provided FDOH program administrators and regional providers with audience perceptions of early detection screenings, barriers to entry, and solutions to increase awareness and access to early detection screenings. 
  • Produced a branded toolkit with promotional and education materials in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole for program partners to use statewide.
  • In just five weeks, the digital and social media ads achieved more than 18 million impressions and over 62,000 ad clicks.
  • Increased Early Detection website traffic significantly. Approximately 34,308 users visited the site to learn about the program and to find local providers.

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