Implement a countywide paid advertising campaign to educate Floridians and visitors on opioid and fentanyl use and overdose prevention.

Services Provided

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Action Plan

  • Plan and implement a paid advertising campaign targeting individuals located in Broward County and specific zip codes therein
  • Review existing campaign creative, format for ad placement, and provide Spanish translations
  • Drive users to the 2-1-1 Broward website and 2-1-1 hotline to receive substance abuse help and resources


  • Managed a paid advertising campaign for six months that saturated the Broward County market with digital media, streaming audio, radio, primetime broadcast television, streaming video, social media, out-of-home, and print ad placements
  • Coordinated ad placement simultaneously across 19 different advertising vendors 
  • Digital media ads earned more than 13.2 million impressions and generated over 5,800 clicks; social media ads earned more than 17.5 million impressions and generated over 61,000 clicks; streaming audio ads earned more than 14.8 million impressions; and out-of-home ads earned more than 95.3 million estimated market impressions. 
  • Approximately 9,384 radio spots and 2,300 TV spots aired, and 40 print ads were published
  • A 23 percent increase in substance use related calls to the 2-1-1 Broward helpline during the campaign period

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