Branding and promotion of the Florida Department of Health Newborn Screening program to increase awareness among parents and health care providers to ensure long-term wellness and health of Florida’s babies.

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Action Plan

  • Conduct an in-depth research review of the newborn screening program and its target audiences to establish a consumer-focused brand identity to enhance the existing Florida Newborn Screening brand.
  • Develop video PSAs to visually communicate how newborn screenings can be a life-changer for many families.
  • Develop a new consumer-facing site to provide easy-to-understand information for parents and healthcare providers.
  • Implement a paid media campaign featuring  out-of-home, social media and digital media ads to Floridians located near target hospitals.


  • Launched a new user-friendly website that employed best practices in usability and leading-edge functionality to ensure the program and its information are accessible for users. 
  • Over a 28-day period, more than nearly 23,000 users visited the website, resulting in over 27,000 sessions.
  • Reached English and Spanish-speaking consumers across the state through a traditional, social and digital media campaign. In the same 28-day period,  approximately 298 posters in English and Spanish were installed in OB/GYN, Women’s Health, Family Practice and Primary Care Practice offices statewide, earning more than 5.2 million impressions.
  • Developed two 30-second PSA videos in English and Spanish and placed these PSAs on 138 digital TV screens in target hospitals, earning more than 483,000 impressions 
  • Served digital media ads to target audiences, which earned 10.1 million impressions and nearly 25,000 ad clicks. 
  • Served social media ads to target audiences, which earned 7 million impressions and more than 23,000 clicks.

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