Educating Floridians on legal marijuana use and positioning OMMU as the official source for medical marijuana information following the legalization of smokable medical marijuana in 2019.

Services Provided

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Action Plan

  • Develop a paid media campaign to reach consumers across the state through a diverse media mix of radio, digital, streaming and social media ads in English, Spanish and Creole.
  • Craft messaging positioning OMMU as the only official source of medical marijuana information in Florida and directing users to its website in order to curb false or inaccurate information being shared by treatment centers, consumer-facing storefronts and physicians.
  • Produce ad creative for digital media, social media, and audio placements in multiple languages that represent Florida’s diverse populations.


  • In just four weeks, the paid media campaign earned more than 24.6 million impressions and increased new user traffic to the OMMU website by 100 percent compared to the same time period in 2018.
  • The radio ads reached an estimated 5.6 million listeners across the state.
  • The social media campaign reached more than 1.6 million users and achieved a click-through rate of over 1 percent, which exceeded industry averages.

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