Raise awareness of substance abuse in Pasco County, steps to keep a loved one safe, and resources to seek help

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Action Plan

  • Collaborate with the Florida Department of Health in Pasco County to understand substance abuse, harm reduction and high levels of opioid overdoses in Pasco County to inform a public outreach and awareness campaign
  • Use research to develop strategic messaging, identify the target audience, and outline media types needed for outreach 
  • Design and develop marketing materials for multiple media platforms, including video, audio, digital and print


  • Identified loved ones of individuals suffering from substance abuse as primary target audience and developed cohesive campaign messaging that resonates with them
  • Identified three steps that could be quickly communicated through marketing materials for individuals to seek help for their loved ones
  • Designed social media graphics, radio public service announcements, gas pump toppers, and motion video graphics in English and Spanish to communicate with the target audience

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